Animated Typeface is a collaborative project by students of the VFS Digital Design program. In Term 3, they create 3-4 glyph sequences for the typeface. To visit our community site, visit VFS Oomph. To find out more about the VFS Digital Design program and what we offer, visit VFS Digital Design Program.

A animation B animation C animation D animation E animation F animation G animation H animation I animation J animation K animation L animation M animation N animation O animation P animation Q animation R animation S animation T animation U animation V animation W animation X animation Y animation Z animation 0 animation 1 animation 2 animation 3 animation 4 animation 5 animation 6 animation 8 animation 9 animation


Each set of Animated Typeface is completed by an individual class of students as part of the VFS Digital Design program. Each student is credited below with the animations they created. Each set showcases a type created by a type designer from The League of Movable Type, who are also credited below.

Type Design - Tyler Finck

O / V / 1 - Nizami Aghayev

M / W - Justin Chorney

Z / 0 - Leo He

I / K / 6 - Zoe Huang

A / S - Amar Kahlon

R / 9 - Rajee Keluskar

J / U - Julian Liao

E / 2 - Mateus Linhares de Araujo

F / N / Q - Manuel Luqueno

C / H / L - Marly Marquez

D / Y / 5 - Prity Pal

G / 3 / 8 - Tais Rosales

T / X / 4 - Liz Salazar

B / P - James Targett